Life Coaching

To live in the present moment and to react and interact from your true self – that is the aim of life coaching. To visit a life coach you do not need a very profound problem or trauma, but maybe you are encountering some obstacles on your way. You might be unhappy about your work or curious about your other talents? Perhaps you are afraid to speak in public or to undergo a job interview? Maybe you have a hard time making choices or defining your boundaries and say No to others? You might be struggling with colleagues at work or your boss. You might feel burnt out or energy-drained. Or maybe you just cannot seem to make time for the things that really matter to you in life. Life coaching helps you to get in contact with your true feelings and needs, and to live your life accordingly. Together we will look at where you are standing now in life and what needs to change to make your life more enjoyable.

With a life coach you can work on:

– work – life balance
– self-esteem
– stress management
– communication skills
– exploring your talents
– relationships
– assertiveness / learning to set boundaries

If you would like to receive a free half hour sample session please contact me by mail or phone at or +31 6 28808599